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"I am a fierce opponent of the dismantling of monuments to Lenin. Moreover, I believe that they are even too little"

S. Kurehin


The monument of known cat lover stands in every city of our country. The image of the man, pointing to a bright future direction, has become an integral part of Russian culture and has occupied a prominent place in the minds of each of us. Unfortunately, during the breaking of the social system idols (here - in the literal sense) have the unenviable past tendency to gradual oblivion and extinction. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was no exception to this rule.

To save this important information layer the next solution will help. In the streets, parks and squares of the same group of monuments is located, is a copy of one of the most popular forms of the monument to the leader of the world proletariat.

The standing figure of the speaker in the three-piece suit. The left hand holds the lapel of his jacket, waving in the wind of world history, right - inspiration directs the viewer into the mainstream of Marxist-Leninist theory and practice. To achieve the necessary symbolism, in this context, the palm of the right hand illuminated light bulb.

Monuments are placed at the same distance from each other. The number of monuments made up of these groups, as well as the area of ​​the composition can be completely different and depends only on the economic possibilities of society. Geolocation provided by the monumental groups also varies in different ranges: from busy Moscow avenue to dull the Ussuri taiga, from the busy beaches of Krasnodar to the mysterious Arctic desert of  Wrangel Island.


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