Julie Atamanenko | Founder of Studio Julie Atamanenko | Founder of Studio

Over the years that have passed since Yulia Atamanenko’s founding ATAMANENKO, ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS, a professional team has been formed that is able to solve any creative task.

We are engaged in projects of all sizes - from the interior of a small apartment to the architecture of the town.

We study and select materials, colors & geometry. We make draft and working projects, without which it is impossible to achieve a quality result. We communicate with dozens of related professionals, always involved in even the most compact project.

We give shape to the dreams of our customers, making them visible, desirable and convenient.

We regularly publish our workflow on Instagram.


Our Team:


Atamanenko Architecture and Interiors V

Vadya Atamanenko | Architect

Architecture is a means of changing reality for the better. And every day Vadim proves the truth of this statement by his work.


Atamanenko and Interiors Varya2

Varvara Kashkarova | Designer

Varya can accurately transferred to sketch what the customer wants, as much as possible the possibility of properly distributing the entire palette of artistic means. In addition to the interior, Varya likes to engage in drawing and sculpture, which is very helpful to us when filling our facilities.

Atamanenko and Interiors Dmitry

Dmitry Emelyanov | Visualizer

Our visualizer - Dmitry - create high-quality three-dimensional model of what happens in the end. We use the latest computer technology for the most realistic opportunity to evaluate the decisions taken.



Little video about our work:


Video: Naberezhnaya apartments


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